Value is subjective, who are you to call something "worthless" when it has a market price?
Why is it so hard to understand that there's a market for digital collectibles and digital art?
Who hurt you?
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Look man, it seems like you don't understand why Ordinals and "digital collectibles" are a scam. That's good. It seems like you're not a scammer. That's also good. It seems like you're being scammed, which is not terrible.
However, remember this: Udi and his minions DO understand why "digital collectibles" are a scam. They DO KNOW that what they're selling is worthless.
Read this and hopefully you'll get it. It's not long -->
you are in a cult. i know because i used to be in your cult. the maxi cult. its a sad place. you can still escape.
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Have fun getting scammed!