Is this a good enough solution when we should be focusing on great solutions
Fedimint is a great solution, yes. It’s not a quick dumb thing.
Trading self custody for anything at this point in bitcoins life seems risky
Self custody = lost bitcoins, destroyed lives.
I see this as a huge win. An intelligent way to manage ownership of your money without the risks that both exchanges and self-custody bring. Different set of risks, but much more manageable for regular people.
Are we throwing our weight behind scaling at all costs now, instead of censorship resistance at all costs?
Primary feature of fedimint is privacy (and thus censorship resistance).
Self custody = lost bitcoins, destroyed lives.
Are you joking? Have you seen the number of exchanges going under in recent weeks?
If 10% of those self custodied, and 10% of those lost their coins the overall result would be far better.