For the devs out there, what books, resources,... do you recommend to transition from a career in academia (academic coding using Fortran and Python) to a career doing front-end, back-end, app development, etc?
Of course, hands-on contributions FOSS development is a no-brainer (SN rewards makes this very enticing), but as a more structured approach to get the right foundations is also important, I'd thought of asking the question here rather to get insights from other Bitcoiners and LN developers.
Sometime back I was recommended a book by @k00b, but not sure it was this one or another one. Do you have experience with this or similar books to prepare for coding interviews?
Elements of Programming Interviews and in case you're just starting it would be better to first go through 'Cracking the coding Interview'
I'm not a coder, programmer but asked it to my brother and it's his suggestion.
Great, thanks a lot. Here a few sats for him.
You mentioned earlier that you are from India, so I'm not learning anything new.
Yet, the links you shared confirm this clearly with the website extensions and the currencies used on the linked pages~~
I'm not hell-bent on privacy (it's easy to figure out who I am in real life with all the things I've shared before, including my username here), but it reminds me how much tracking information websites add to their links. These days, for instance, I always try to remove anything behind ref in the website link.
Yes, that's true. Websites are definitely adding too much tracking information. My brother keeps telling me about privacy concerns on internet, but as I already said I am not much much of a technical guy so sometimes I forget or just don't pay attention. I am just a simple ENglish teacher TBH who has hardly stepped his foot into the technical aspect of internet. But I am ready to learn.
Thanks for the advice, I will always remove ref from now.
Thanks for the Sats!
Just code.
Like, a lot.
Well, do projects.
What projects?
Good tools, stupid ideas, fun things etc...
Just code.
Personally I did
  • My personal website
  • My bands website
  • A shitty social media thing, kind of Facebook but dumb
  • Another shitty social media thing in another framework
  • Some Rock Paper Scissors MMORPG which constantly broke because I tried to write all multiplayer things from scratch in c++ haha, fuck me that sucked 😅
  • Some other shitty web site
  • A program to help me write my blog posts, in my json format, for my website
  • Some games with different tools
  • Some android apps, one larger exercise tracker
  • A million smaller scripts / tools
And then I also did a lot of competetive programming and things like
  • Adventofcode (this is the best)
  • Codingame
  • Kattis
  • And a million other of these types of things
Plus, I did join different hackathons like gamejams et.c and I really recommend going to these because of how it is
  1. Fun
  2. Networking
  3. Networking
Then you can read some books. I highly recommend
  • Clean code
Learn to write clean code. Learn to write tests. Learn to write simple makefiles to run maintenance things.

Just. Code.
Like, a lot.
But most importantly: Have fun.
Great advice. I'm setting up a building plan.
Lol, I just read the title. But really, some things you can't learn but from experience...
My favorite book of the hundreds that I ever read throughout my coding career was The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master.
I searched on it just now and was shocked at the price of it on Amazon.
I also learned just now that I am in love with the 1st edition. I never knew they had a 2nd edition until just now. Having said that, I cannot recommend the 2nd edition since I never read it, but I can tell you for certain that the 1st edition is packed with wisdom to live by. Hopefully they didn't ruin the experience with the 2nd edition...
Practice is huge. Just build stuff. Doesn’t have to be novel. Practice is key. You learn common pitfalls, issues, and solutions.
Impacts of No code/Low code tech on coding careers?
That's an interesting question. I don't really know much about these tools though.
I don't either, but no code /low code is also being pushed out there to solve talents shortage
Caveat: I vaguely remember asking a similar question 1-2 years ago, but I can't find it. Not sure it was on this platform.