Last Thursday, the 6 top posts were boosted items. This tipped us off that it's perhaps too cheap to boost and acquire a user's attention.

To make sure we, users, are better compensated for our attention, I've increased the minimum boost to 5000 sats. I've also made how it works more clear. There's now a little info icon next to boost that says:

  • Boost ranks posts higher temporarily based on the amount
  • The minimum boost is 5000 sats
  • Each 5000 sats of boost is equivalent to one trusted upvote
    • e.g. 10000 sats is like 2 votes
  • The decay of boost "votes" increases at 2x the rate of organic votes
    • i.e. boost votes fall out of ranking faster
  • 100% of sats from boost are given back to top users as rewards

This is a good change.

I like that they decay faster. In the future this maybe also could cost dynamically more but it does not have to as long as there is no significant spam/astroturfing/submarining problem yet.

We are considering adding some type of ad slot that users do not see unless they opt in which boosts their rewards.

This would be great (h/t to @kr as well on this topic)

I would love to be able to promote certain content and feature releases for my product on SN, and differentiate from more general questions/discussions/news.

I am also happy to pay more to be featured without decay for a certain time length as well, and it would be great for a user to recognize the transparency and intent of my promoted product post as compared to other times when I'm happy to boost to help get visibility on a discussion or general question. All of which has been tremendously valuable thus far - SN is such a great community and I'm a big fan of everything you have/are building at SN. Looking forward to sending a mega-boost soon 😅🚀

106 sats \ 3 replies \ @sb 24 Jul

That's a great idea! I wonder if you could allow users to customize how many ads they see to earn proportionately more. This is an interesting rewards model that Brave browser uses (you can choose how often you see ads)

Ads in the text based industry are very low yield. You can try playing play2earn games that are almost 100% ad watching for sats. It could make good income for the platform but not very good per user.

It’s just an idea. If users don’t make money from it, they would just never turn it on.

We are just trying to come up with ways for users to make more sats + given all the boosts that are happening, there’s demand to show stuff to them.

You're coming up with great stuff here @k00b

where exactly do you plan on positioning it? can each user choose? for me i won’t use unless I control where it sits on the ranking

It'd sit at the top probably. Sounds like you wouldn't Opt-in which is good feedback.

ya for me the best part of SN has always been how clean everything is but im kinda a aesthetic kinda guy

love that you gave that option for turning it off and on, this is how ads should be…think you might be onto something 💫

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Ты говоришь о себе? ;)

110 sats \ 1 replies \ @invar 24 Jul

I love what you are doing. But have others noticed that some of the items on the front page are up to 4 days old? I wonder why that is

Also im curious what the first subreddit is going to be since i heard the first one will be launching soon and am wondering if there is a better word for it than subreddit

If the community really likes a post, it sits on the frontpage longer, i.e. votes increase ranking slightly non-linearly: # votes^1.2/elapsed time^1.3

For now, while the community is small, this appears to be a good thing: discussions can build around popular topics/announcements/amas.

Well balanced and considered change. Well done!

100 sats \ 2 replies \ @vijo 25 Jul

What is the definition of a "trusted upvote"?

We use a Web of Trust algorithm to determine if a user upvotes well according to other users. If a user upvotes things early that other users don't find good, they lose trust. If they upvote things early that other users do like, they gain trust.

Wow, absolute genius. I always wondered how the trustedness algo worked. Now I know.

Sounds reasonable, perhaps still a bit cheap, but lets see how it works.

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100 sats \ 0 replies \ @gms 24 Jul

I like it, if they want my interest, let them pay.

Love this btw👏

The more active, the more SATs should be given or boosted…love that it decreases though

What do you mean by this exactly? If boosted posts are upvoted by users, it will increase its ranking.

Why wouldn't it just be continuous? Are votes integers-only? Why need a minimum at all?

pseudo_vote = float(boost) / 5000

5000 is the minimum, but you can do any amount over that. It’s continuous.

Doing anything less than 5000 just wouldn’t make sense. It’d be a foot gun.

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