First, we should listen to heretics. And critics. Good ideas come from everywhere (as does good criticism), and putting on shitcoin/FUD blinders means missing that stuff. Obviously, that listening should be critical and not just blind, but I'm not a big fan of echo chambers.
And that also applies to joke pieces, which certainly have produced wisdom (accidental or otherwise) in the past.
Second, as to this piece specifically (and your take on it), I also think there's no ossification. Some changes are cornerstones (the ones you note), but the reason consensus exists as an option at all strikes me as a feature, and if the need for change is recognized, it'll happen.
Or, as Emerson wrote, "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."
Echo chambers are ok. We could consider the entire Earth an echo chamber, composed with smaller echo chambers. Eventually, the echo bounces so many times that new patterns are formed from which the solution to our problems emerges. It is this controlled environment that allows us to experiment, because the dataset is limited enough to provide all we need, but it is not excessively large so we get lost into so much random and irrelevant information. Remember that all experiments bust be done into very controlled environments in order for them to be reliable.
And definetly, shitcoins are just very anoing and distracting noise.
I wonder if Vitalik's playing the fool, in the traditional sense: saying the unsayable, under cover of foolishness, and nobody knows what to believe. I also see great value in that -- if you can't figure out if it's bullshit, either it's not bullshit, or you need to get smarter.