I've often heard Bitcoiners compare BTC/LN to TCP/IP. Perhaps this comparison is no longer useful since the new standard for web protocols no longer includes TCP.





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I think this is a useful lesson - because we still call it "the Internet" and yet the protocol has quite evolved over the time. SPDY being pulled in as HTTP/2, QUIC as HTTP/3...

I still remember optimizing websites performance because of the issues with HTTP/1.1 and trying to fit the first response in 1500 Bytes MTU, so we save another roundtrip during the slow start.

It's the tweets like this that make a direct comparison: https://twitter.com/TuurDemeester/status/1087459292821811202

I can just see the shitcoiners replying: "Oh TCP was replaced with QUIC, so BTC will be replaced with my shitcoin"

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Think of BTC as IP and LN as TCP.

HTTP/3 still uses IP and all future versions probably will. Maybe one day better solutions than LN will show up, but considering how long it took for a competitor to TCP to show up, I think we have some time left;-)

random thought: maybe Monero then is ICMP: not that visible or relevant but still useful in certain situations.

R.I.P. TCP. You did good.

I do think the internet stack is in dire need of modernisation. But moving TCP functionalities higher up the stack is not the thing that needed improvement

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"TCP/IP" is a suite which includes UDP and these TCP-like protocols implemented in user space are encapsulated with UDP. So it's technically still correct, though it's not as snappy of a saying if you have to add "but actually"...


UDP is not included in TCP/IP. Maybe that's what people mean when they shorthand say TCP/IP. But technically UDP is an alternative to TCP and also builds on top of IP.