I think humanity has already been through this. We called it "serfdom". And it was not good.

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Tech Dystopia at its finest.

No thanks.

Slippery slope to a diluted form of slavery. Not a fan... although if it were purely a betting market - could see that developing organically.

if I can buy a split of your sats flow from SN, I'm in.

Selling personal SN futures? That's... feasible 😀

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The next century will be a fight to avoid serfdom and transhumanism. What an odd world we live in.

Its called usury and involuntary servitude

They’d created an entity called Libermans Co. It held all the income from their enterprises; any debts, assets, and profits they might gain; and any investments they might make or companies they might start for the next thirty years. They had gathered all these elements and sold shares in the whole, offering investors, effectively, a stake in their entire financial future—shares in their life. So far, the Libermans have traded around three per cent of their futures, which investors have valued at four hundred million dollars, or about a hundred million dollars per Liberman.

Umm ... ya. Those investors NGMI.

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Is Selling Shares in Yourself the Way of the Future? https://archive.ph/HTQI1