Somebody got scared of Sphinx Chat. (And the upcoming Impervious browser.)

Looks great! Anyone have experience with Alby wallet? Really like the UX.

I've been using Alby for about 6 months, very happy with it

Thank you for your feedback :)

I use alby to login to sites like

(a Alby dev here)

interesting that you say "scared" because in my view the great thing about lightning is that it's all interoperable. A podcaster can publish with use the Alby wallet and a listener can send a boost through sphinx chat or others.

That open innovation that allows everyone to build the best tools for whatever special needs is to me the most exciting part.

(P.S. happy to hear you like the UX... though I'd say we just get started ;) )

Hi, Thank you for your feedback on the UX, If there is anything you would like to know, run into any problems, or even a personal onboarding session, please do reach out to us. We love to hear feedback on how we can improve any features and help our users.

Pardon my ignorance, but do people actually use First I’ve ever heard of them. (I’m aware of RSS the standard, but it’s entirely unrelated)

Always excited to see more V4V adoption!

awesome, when will the integration start?

it looks like the number of lightning-enabled podcasts hasn’t changed yet… i wonder how many shows could add to Lightning overnight…

It's opt-in so the user has to enable it themselves. Also podcastindex needs to pick up the changes in the rss feeds, this hasn't happened yet afaik.

V4V is capitalistic

Tipping a street performer is capitalistic, too?

If the street performer does a good job, then yes 😀

This is great, but this is also the first I heard of using this website for podcasts. I'm curious about the size of their community. Either way, more adoption is great for bitcoin and the LN.

The growth in the value 4 value space is exponential and awe-inspiring to watch. LFG 🚀


Does Castos not do this already?

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