Hey, man that's a cool backpack!


I said cool backpack!




Good Lord, is this a sovereign individual or what?

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This is indeed the fabled sovereign individual

That's amazing, but I'm only left wondering why?

I don't care why, I want one

this is borderline dystopian lmao

And we all thought it was the self-flying jetpacks that were coming next. Boy, were we wrong.

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just needs to make it water proof and leeeeets gooooooo!

LOL how much more ungovernable do you want to become?

Oh my gosh! How can I get it? I'm in love

Reminds me of a ghostbusters backpack

That will come in handy at the library where they have outlets for charging laptops and mobiles. It's not that loud, right?

This is worn by Peter [@bitcoinp3dro], who is at the Braiins booth at Mining Disrupt conference in Miami. Battery last for two hours.


how about a version for runners, that charges some sort of energy/turbine/dynamo with every lunge and step of the run

Here's a video of it:

Take your hash with you on the go with the @braiins_systems backpack:


https://twitter.com/econoalchemist/status/1552324415983161345 https://nitter.it/econoalchemist/status/1552324415983161345 <-- Shows the thread in a single, easy-to-read, web page

Oh yes the famous death stranding DLC

why should he wear it? 🤯

It was the most effective marketing stunt at the trade show. If you didn't know who Braiins was before the conference, and you were attending, you definitely knew who Braiins was after.

The ultimate economy crash survival backpack.

Came for the title. Stayed because OMG I NEED THAT!!



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Novel. Awesome.