Off topic. But the /sites/ in the title indicates it's the blog section of the newspaper. Basically anyone can publish there. Old school affinity scam~~ the STX of Forbes :)
Article might be legit though.
Avik Roy is well known
He is also a Forbes staff writer
He is not a random blogger
But credentials aside we should judge an article by its content not by name recognition
The article also is under the section Editors Pick
Red herring disguised as off topic
I agree. One should judge the article by its content. Hence the caveat
Article might be legit though.
My comment was triggered by the initial comment that main-stream journalism is supposedly finally being honest about inflation. IMHO, they aren't.
I didn't know about Avik Roy. Good to know he makes good content.
Billy Bambrough on the forbes sites section is someone who is well known the make a lot of crypto TA crap articles for instance.
As for my claim about forbes sites having low standards, it's because they were called out by Coffeezilla when he was investigating all the youtube sell-you-a-course to get rich scammers who were claiming legitimacy by publishing on Forbes...
Yep, I linked to another from Forbes today. It was about BTC Payserver!
Ahhhhh I didn't know that! Thanks for the info.