At a certain point, you have to make a choice between engaging online and living life. Once you get to a certain audience size, answering questions takes more time from your day than you have. I used to engage and answer questions and like all the comments and so on, but it just became unsustainable.
Take this post, for instance. I posted it and then went to bed and I wake up 8 hours later with 20+ comments. If I thoughtfully replied to each one, that would easily be 2 hours (even this comment is a good 10 minutes). Now multiply by all the other platforms (I post on 6, and this place is one of the least populated). Do the math, it's unsustainable.
But also mentally, it's very hard to be doing that much writing and thinking and arguing. My mind also needs breaks. And frankly, I need that willpower and energy to play with my kids, do deep dives into new signature schemes and work out. You only have so much in a day.
So like a Bitcoin node's mempool, I pick and choose. I engage once in a while on what I think provides the most value. Sorry if your question or comment doesn't make the cut, but honestly, you're a stranger on the internet. My family, friends, faith, finances and fitness all take priority.