KYC Bitcoin-only exchange38.2%
Shitcoin casino (Coinbase...)23.6%
Non-KYC p2p exchange (Bisq...)18.2%
Fresh coins from mining3.6%
For cash / earn for services16.4%
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If you are using shitcoin casino, I'd say at least try shifting to Bitcoin only solution?

  • on Strike you have zero fees to buy Bitcoin and can send it over lightning or onchain
  • on River you can buy large amounts and also send onchain or over lightning
  • with Swan you can set up nice DCA

But even better start using Robosats or Bisq or private Signal groups. Or become friend with your local miner and get sats from them for cash...

120 sats \ 0 replies \ @ivan 30 Jul


For the past few years I've been buying on KYC exchanges (CB and Cash app). But I'm well over my HODL portfolio goal now and have been transitioning into earning BTC via work (I'm a digital nomad/remote consultant, so billing some of my hours in BTC, around 20% at the moment) and content consumption/creation (Fountain/SN).

I'm really enjoying diving into the Lightning space at the moment.

I offer my potential clients 20% discount if paid directly in Bitcoin. Most can't say no to that.

162 sats \ 1 replies \ @iguano 30 Jul

no miners around here lol

Good observation 🤔

Bisq is becoming better and better, now I'm used to only post my orders, always with a 5% deviation and I don't wait much. If you buy some BSQ the fees are very acceptable. So with a little motivation you can have no-kyc sats under the market price. Not if you have a lot of liquidities true, but I'm confident more and more users will come.

105 sats \ 0 replies \ @leo 31 Jul

I 100% get paid for my work in bitcoin. Best thing to ever happen to me.

I earn crypto via remote web dev work (still can be difficult to find remote crypto jobs, but less difficult than finding local cash-in-hand jobs where I live). Then exchange to cash via a KYC-free Bitcoin ATM, cash-in-person or cash-by-mail trade, to pay for food and rent. I try to keep some savings in crypto (hodl) but generally I live paycheck-to-paycheck.

100 sats \ 2 replies \ @Merlin 30 Jul

I use strike and direct deposit part of my paycheck then send it to my node.

Is Strike considered a KYC bitcoin-only exchange?

I can't remember. I know they required me to use Plaid for "verification" but I refused. Then they made it so you could do just a bank debit card. I don't remember sending ID or anything to Strike.

Oh, and Strike has stablecoin for Argentina. Does that make them a shitcoin exchange?

I agree that there is sometimes not exactly a clear cut, but I'd consider Strike to be KYC bitcoin-only exchange.

In a big majority of the cases, Strike will make you connect your identity with the account.

I don’t own any, Mr. Fed

At some point not owning any will no longer be an option :-P

It was KYC exchange to cold wallet. Now it is only KYC-free meetup with percentage markup and into Lightning ;)

But probably I will go back to the first again soon