Montero also hard forks to change their monetary policy. Centralized control is the flaw. Someone controls the monetary policy. This is not different in principle from central banks. Privacy for centralized control is a bad trade. The central controller can change things at any time and you have no recourse.

Monero does not hard-fork to change monetary supply, that is false and yet another piece of FUD (intentional or unintentional) that you want to spread while it is entirely false. The monetary supply is entirely untouchable via social consensus, exactly the same way as Bitcoin's money supply is untouchable.

The social consensus was for a tail emission from the earliest days of Monero, and it was added in shortly after launch once the exact parameters were decided by the community. It was in the original Bitcoin Talk OP and was always the plan.

After it's inclusion in early 2015 the supply has been entirely untouchable and cannot be changed. There is no "central controller" here, and no one person or entity controls Monero's monetary supply or consensus.

Glad you can't block me here so I can actually reply :)

That was my understanding as well.

It seems there are a few people who idolize Bitcoin so much that they forget that it is an EXPRESSION of Freedom from Central Control of Money.

And thus, refuse to see its shortcomings, a problem that XMR does not yet have.

And yes, free speech is not for the weak so glad that people have to either defend their reasoning or agree to disagree. :)

Hard forks don’t work if the community does not support it.

See Bitcoin Cash 🙃

It’s not centrally controlled if community does not support it.

So, you need to do more research. Maybe ask some Monero guys on the subreddit

Typcial altcoins defense. And exactly what would you do if some hard fork wasn't "supported by the community"? You then have to depend on a decentralized consensus that doesn't exist. It's a centrally controlled coin and a non community supported hard fork likely means it's death. You keep wanting to deny this, but this is Monero and every altcoin's flaw. You're centralized and you're one black swan from death.

Bitcoin Cash was a Hard Fork that wasn't supported by the community, did Bitcoin die?

You are too emotionally involved in dying on this unreasonable hill to think through. That's ok, no one is forcing you to use Monero.

It was a question and you're clearly not ready to answer it reasonably.

Have a good day! :)

Monero is not Bitcoin and the communities are not the same. Again, if the Monero developers did something against the community's wishes, you don't have a recourse. What are you going to do, trust some other group of people to hard fork regularly?

I've answered your question honestly as I could because clearly, you don't want to deal with Monero's biggest flaw which is that it's a centralized altcoin. Continuing to pretend that it somehow doesn't matter that it's centralized is disingenuous and your shilling of Monero here is making this place worse. There's someone in this conversation emotionally invested in a particular outcome and it ain't me.