How do you exchange value with monero if you don't hold value in monero?

How do you exchange value with a credit card if you don't hold value in a credit card? Is your question serious?

You hold and exchange value in whatever you want to and when you need the anonymity of Monero you exchange it for Monero, make the Monero transaction and the receiver exchanges it back. It's a tool like a screwdriver.

That being sad, all of Moneros usecases have been solved in Lightning.

You can't receive an LN payment without disclosing your node pubkey (and by extension, all your channels which can be probed to reveal how much money you have). Meanwhile, you can receive XMR and nobody can see your wallet balance. So XMR still has a use case not solved in LN.

Well, send Lightning to custodial BlueWallet or someting and forward to the actual destination

Or send money to and give out the link.

Or send it via swap like

Sure, there's ways to avoid leaking privacy when using BTC. But this requires a deep understanding of the tradeoffs. Meanwhile XMR does privacy by default which is great for people just seeking privacy without a desire to understand tradeoffs.

Avoiding leaking privacy requires a deep understanding, period.

That is a well reasoned and accurate statement 🙃