Thanks for the kind words :)

You're right on about sync requirements, this is an unfortunate trade-off to gaining perfect address-based privacy in Monero via stealth addresses.

It can be mitigated by running a lightwallet server like monero-lws and connecting with a wallet that supports it, allowing you to retain privacy while negating all sync drawbacks. I'm currently testing this out and it's very promising, and is very easy to use for anyone who already runs a Monero node.

Oh! Hello Seth :)

I've listened to your Fedimint episode. Do you think Monero-enabled mints could take off?

Hey :)

The biggest issue facing Monero-enabled FediMints is the exchange rate differences, as the "MSP" (Monero Service Provider, in place of LSP) has to be willing to take on exchange rate differences between Bitcoin and Monero.

On the "Monero-only" side, thankfully we don't need any of the "easy Lightning" or "strong privacy" offered by FediMints natively, so I only really see Monero being applicable in the MSP sense for Bitcoin-based FediMints in the future.