and last lifetimes?

Related, the story of the Lodge Manufacturing is pretty interesting

Nice knapsacks that are leather or other durable textiles.

Quality musical instruments, if well kept and maintained.


Good call on the musical instruments. The best can last hundreds of years if well-maintained and sound better with age.


To answer your question: I'm a big fan of returning to traditional materials instead of cheap plastic. Better quality, usually better pay for employees, most of the time better for the environment in the long run and last a lifetime.


  • Comb or hairpin from horn is so much better than crap plastic.
  • We bought a meat grinder from solid stainless steel. So much better than the hard plastic one before and it will probably outlive my children
  • Bed sheets from linnen or bathrobe from silk (not polyesther) is worth it too imo but cheap cotton bed sheets also last forever so this one does not interest you so much probably.
  • In general, I put the words "stainless steel" or "wood" behind so many of my amazon searches
  • In european catholic families it is tradition to gift gold crucifix necklaces in first communion and confirmation that one recieved in their own. I recieved some and gifted some already. Unfortunately, many didn't survive WW2 but in general these things last several lifetimes.
  • Well maintained land lasts several lifetimes. If you compost and treat it well, your descendants will have fertile soil to be proud of ;)

I am convinced that your 12/24 words of saved money could outlive you.


Generally speaking I agree with you. But your post also brings to mind a couple plastic items I've had for years that I think are pretty great:

  • Legos: these are just an engineering marvel, and fun, of course
  • Plastic camping mallet: simple, solid, lightweight so great for travel

Plastic definitely has its practical applications, we've just taken it too far.

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I'm hanging onto a bunch of Legos from when I was a kid for future children. They're low tech and high entertainment value. Legos are a big reason I'm as creative as I am today, and they're way too expensive to replace nowadays.

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I do believe that our current, broken monetary system which encourages spending for spending's sake as a perpetual requirement to prop up the increasingly debt fuelled economy has shifted our time horizon to focus on the short term and contributes to both the creation and purchasing of cheap, poor quality goods manufactured with sub-par materials with little to no consideration for their longevity and the long-term impact of such on the environment.

It doesn't necessarily mean that plastic is a bad product, it has just become greatly misused. Single use plastic packaging is a great example. Its so cheap to produce now compared to alternatives because the manufacturing process has become streamlined under the conditions of a short-term profit prioritising capitalistic economy.

Cliché to say - but Bitcoin helps fix this.


Casiron fangirl here as well 🤚🏻


If you haven't already seen this, the r/BuyItForLife subreddit is a whole community and ongoing dialogue on this topic. One of my favorites.


Kinda yes but they also have a lot of cheap crap on that sub. E.g. look at those plastic kettles that are on the hot-page right now.


field cast iron is even better than lodge in terms of weight and quality

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A Lodge 12" pan, a Kitchen Aid mixer and sats. Low time preference assets that are going to my grandchildren :)


I've been a cast iron only kind of guy since 2014. I have an assortment of new Lodges, old vintage Lodges, and my favorites are my vintage Griswolds.


Kirby vacuum cleaners Lay-Z-Boy recliners