That's what I was thinking, but I think it might be a bit overcomplicated. Or I'm not comprehending it on the same level the developer is on. I messaged back and forth with a user on nostr onion knight or something like that. Man, he was not very kind. It was like he was pissed off at me for even asking if nostr could build an IPFS CDN or p2p thing.
I sometimes feel stupid asking a developer how to do this or what is this because they're on another level. And I'm not developer savvy enough to understand their software sometimes, so I need to ask again. That can be extremely annoying to a developer.
It sometimes has this kinda vibe.
I built a plane, go ahead and fly.
Have you ever looked into an airplane cockpit? It has a bunch of buttons, gauges, and meters. It's jarring for a non-pilot to jump into something so powerful.
That's how I feel when I look at what their software is. A bunch of code that I expected to know how to use.
Even if it has just a steering wheel. I may need more directions because it's not that simple for a non-developer. It needs to be written for a passenger because they're in it for the ride, not for the schooling.
to be honest I get the same treatment in some places when I make a mistake or I don't explain myself with a certain level of detail. It's exhausting and I don't think it brings anything. The same things can be said in another way without bullying people into silence. I think that it's true, some topics are complex, but the way people collaborate on software is the real problem. People should be allowed to be mistaken without being afraid to be shamed or bullied. If we are not allowed to experiment, we can't innovate. All the most important inventions in the history of humanity went through many failures before people could get them right. I see many developers who just want to be right and they are really hateful. They make it impossible to have a constructive dialogue.