Bitcoin will be the real stablecoin when people will get rid of all fiat money and its derivatives. Sooner the better. Let's stop with all this bullshit of plethora of so called stablecoins, are just a way to keep alive a dying fiat money. You will not replace fiat money with these stablecoins, you just give another chance to fiat money to exist. Fiat money are the biggest disease in this world.


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How is this argument any different from the recent “green” movement to ban fossil fuels?

if i replace the word fiat with fossil fuels, and bitcoin with renewables, the arguments sound exactly the same.

fwiw, i don’t think either version of the argument is correct.


That’s nice.

Some people can’t afford to have their spending money exposed to bitcoins volatility.

There’s demand for stable value that moves over cryptocurrency rails. I’d rather they use lightning than eth or tron