it allegedly turned out LND was not on our side, and had the WEF pulling strings, despite their vehement denial. So, like any responsible pleb, I closed all my channels, removed LND and the whole stack of apps, and gave them the middle finger
Ok um...someone made an allegation so you did the "responsible" thing and erased the software you enjoyed? What if I make an allegation that linux is controlled by the wef, are you gonna erase your operating system too? If I allege that the golden gate bridge was funded by the wef are you gonna be "responsible" and jump off it? Seems like a pretty easy way to control you, I'll just watch for whenever you do something I don't like and then I'll allege that the wef wants you to do that
Maybe the next time someone alleges the wef is behind some piece of software you like you'll think twice before uninstalling it. Do a little independent thinking is my recommendation and don't just believe random allegations you find on the internet
There are two easy ways to control someone: if you find out they always do whatever you say, tell them to do X, and watch them do it. And if you find out they always do the opposite, just tell them not to do X, then watch them do it.