Today I just wanted to share some take home points after listening to @lunaticoin 's pod 200.
I understand that it is basic information though I think it may help to someone who is a beginner like me.
First thing it grabbed my attention was to create a digital identity different to our real life, using a nickname.
Then try to set up some basics points to improve security like using a web browser such as librewolf. Also a password manager to create long and secure passwords and avoid repeating them or just following some sort of code that can be hacked easily. On top of that, using a 2-step verification app to reinforce verification, suggesting in this episode Aegis.
Not only these steps are necessary but also to use a vpn to increase privacy. In this pod @lunaticoin suggest mullvad or ivpn.
In addition to all this, create a new email different to our daily one in, along with using email masks from .
And this is just the beginning to set things up.
@lunaticoin carries on suggesting to use testnet to practice before moving to the "real" bitcoin. Here you may find useful Padawan wallet or green wallet, getting some sats to practice from coinfaucet, bitcoinfaucet or testnet faucet.
So you would be ready to go for the next step and buy som bitcoin.
But you must be ready to arrange your custody plan and here @lunaticoin suggest to follow advise from @DarthCoin and read a great resource where he explains how to arrange different levels when dealing with bitcoin. I leave the link in case you are interested on the information
A lot of information for a beginner like me but ready to learn.
Do you know any other resources to help at these initial steps?
This is really helpful and we should promote such material for beginners as much as possible
Thanks for your comments!
Really good tips. I wish I knew all this when I embarked on my BTC journey. Thanks for summarising the key points for us