Hi, I was about to ask what you actually do for a living, but I guess you answered that in the intro :)

  1. How much of your capital do you allocate to bitcoin?
  2. What do you think of Safe Haven, and do you have any comments on Spitznagel's take on bitcoin?

I really enjoy your book btw, even if I've used a month getting halfway through. Keep it up!

1 - I don't really think about it that way, tbh. given that was my day job for 6 1/2 years, I wanted my private life to be devoid of financial stress so I basically got comfortable that I had more than enough bitcoin. my pension can't allocate to bitcoin so that's a large chunk of the total that is in de facto shitcoins, plus I'm now in a position in which it's overwhelmingly likely 99% of all I ever earn will come from bitcoin in one way or another, so even less reason to stress about that too much. 2 - I don't know what that is. DuckDuckGo tells me it's a romantic comedy from 2013, but I assume that's not what you meant?