glad you like it, and appropriately humbling that the MMA section was all Sacha

to be fair, it is dense very much on purpose, and we went back and forth on this a lot while writing. there are people far better than me at explaining bitcoin concepts (or any, frankly) simply, for the layman, whereas I am attracted to extremely complicated concepts in the first place. the whole idea of BiV is that it will always be niche and never super popular, but that it might be useful for orange-pilling folks who enjoy a challenging read and have thought about things like culture and capital in reasonable depth (or MMA!) but never made the connection to bitcoin.

Thanks for sharing your perspective on writing the book. Makes a ton of sense!

The book does prompt me to go deeper on many topics, especially economics. Every piece of knowledge I can get my hands on can be useful in conversations with big-time fiatooooors.