hardly any of the inspiration came from bitcoin content, tbh! by far the most influential material was the writing of Jane Jacobs, Wendell Berry, and James C Scott, to narrow it down to a core few. the next tier would probably be the likes of Allan Savory, Roger Scruton, Friedrich Hayek, Elinor Ostrom, David Montgomery, Frederic Lane, and William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson, authors of The Sovereign Individual.

I made a meme a while back I was pretty proud of: the Winnie The Pooh template, and the top says, "Read The Sovereign Individual" while the bottom says, "Read The Entire Bibliography To The Sovereign Individual". there's a lot of amazing stuff in there - I'd highly recommend it as its own reading list.

Thanks! The book is fantastic, albeit I'd be lying if I claimed to understand absolutely all of it :)