"It would be an improvement over the brain rot I have seen here."
"I don't understand, do you guys want people in on Bitcoin or not?"
Depends, are they willing to put in the hours and learn about Bitcoin? Or are they going to whine because it isn't as comfortable and easy as their bank account?
"Why are you so allergic to new people joining and so tribalistic?"
People somehow need a common enemy; Left - Right, vegetarians - carnivores, Bitcoiners - Shitcoiners (and a whole bunch more)... I don't know why, but I'd definitely like to.
"How can you hold this mental framework in your head while preaching that Bitcoin is for everyone and we need to onboard as many people as possible?"
Never said it's for anyone, and I don't know why people preach that, as it's far from being that user-friendly, and it maybe never will.
It's a responsibility-issue, too, IMHO, people simply aren't responsible (enough).
This seems far from a BTC Maxi point of view. We have to cater to those who aren’t as capable of seeing the truth. We have to show them, painstakingly if that’s what it takes.
We can’t talk about orange-pill this and orange-pill that if we give up as soon as they don’t agree.
And what exactly are you rambling on about?
Okay I'm currently in a bad mood and didn't directly get what you're aiming at, care to explain?
I too feel that we need to onboard as many people as possible. We have to have that mindset if we want Bitcoin adoption.
We have to make it as user-friendly as possible for that to happen.
Basically, just baby-steps.
I agree that it’s about responsibility, the learned to teach and the ignorant to learn?
You can only make it that friendly to use, and I don't even think it's that difficult to learn, all we need is a sort of financial / Bitcoin school.
You aren’t wrong about the difficulty part. That is actually a great idea.
That's what I thought.
I didn't say more people was bad, just that normies are numerous and their activity will change things around.