What are your thoughts on how our culture will be different in a post-fiat world?

Fiat money is key to upholding the Global Order, of which much of culture is downstream.

It seems likely, therefore, that as fiat money disappears and the Global Order shifts, our culture will change.

For example:

  • Are the priorities of feminism and fertility rates the same in an environment where both parents don't need to work full-time because asset prices are permanently inflationary?
  • Is equality seen as so important in a world of energy and material scarcity?
  • How will societal values be different in a world where each nation must maintain its own functional military (and therefore foster a culture amenable to making young men want to join the military), rather than outsourcing their security to the US?
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Great question! Fiat has caused so many distortions not only in hard assets but also soft assets in our culture (our morals, our families, our values, etc). Post-fiat can come soon enough.