Struggling to see why anyone would use this

No way to backup the key? Pass

Maybe you are misunderstanding the usecase? If you want to backup the key (encrypted with AES), then would be the way to go :)

Same as he said in 2010 when his friends told him about Bitcoin: pass, nerd money :) People are too lazy to read documentation and try to understand what is about.

new here - I don’t see a downvote button. Can I just charge you 10 sats for your rude comment? That would really make this place interesting if your helpful comments earned you money, but your hurtful ones cost you.

I went to the site and read about it before commenting. I see it’s something about adding value to art? You guys are right, I don’t really get it and I’m certainly misunderstanding the use case.

That being said, why have a single point of failure to lose any value sent to the chip?

snowflake much?