Allen thanks for all you do in the Bitcoin space, I have learned a lot from reading your work. I am still working through Bitcoin is Venice and it has been a great read so far. One quote really got me thinking and I was wondering if you could expand on it:

"The way a consumer pays for content is to provably stake their bitcoin in a Lightning channel programmed to direct its fees to the content creator."

Not sure if this was Sacha or you that wrote this, but I would love to hear more on how you think that this might work.

The tricky part to this is that not all staked liquidity on the network is equal / will generate the same amount of fees. How will content creators measure the value of staked liquidity? How will fees be provably be sent to content creators?

that actually came from an in-person conversation with Clay Space, who went on to write up the idea here:

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Ah nice one, will give this a read. Cheers!