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HN still gives the best content here. At least, @hn gives me a reason not to visit HN regularly anymore.
The older I get the more I feel like Usenet was/is a lost opportunity. With a few improvements it could have taken the place of Facebook (not the original connecting with friends version Facebook) and Reddit. It could have been a great option for local business promotion and news distribution, and the same segmentation into groups would map almost perfectly into subreddits. It is decentralized, multiple clients where available and you could segment into as narrow topics as you'd like.
(emphasis mine). It is nice to see the first comment on HN emphasizes the beauty of a decentralized platform. If only they would see the light in terms of a decentralized currency ;)
I think you're the biggest fan of @hn. And I appreciate it!
Seeing continuous love for @hn makes me especially happy since I created @hn before I joined SN. @hn acts as a reminder of the time before I did that.
Classic usenet posts is like archeology. Exploring the deep depths. The ancient runes.