Prompt: Stacker Profile

As now, a stacker is like an user of @SN. But what if it could, as is currently is, reflect contribution and egagement with the community?

Folk, this is the last one of 100, flex your design muscles and join in. Most of all, keep this exercise loose and keep it stress-free. The FUC is about growing our design skills, together, as a community. We can't wait to see what you create!
Happy designing, Stackers!

Share Your Results When you finish the challenge, post your work on this thread! If you also share it on nostr, be sure to use the hashtag #FUCdesiger and tag or @Design__r on X! We'll keep an eye out and repost good examples on a regular basis.

Curious to know WTF is a FUC? Read the ⚡️Flash Ui Challenges welcoming post.
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