Proof of work is hash cash and this is exactly what hash cash was originally developed to do lmao. Its funny how we've come full circle.

Other interesting idea to fight spam on blog comments, discussion forums and many other scenarios is by requiring a small lightning payment. Just like it is done on this site, but it would have to be built a bit differently without requiring accounts.

I imagine something like:

  • Click "Comment"
  • Server provides a LN invoice
  • User Scans QR and pays
  • Comment is posted on the website

Can't train AI models with this

Not sure how this is implemented technically but I'd love to have something that could be deployed to something like a Cloudflare Worker or some other serverless style deploy target.

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How can this prevent bots? Are bots not able to do the POW? Just curious..

Same question. Bots denied because of this will just be re-developed to be able to perform the necessary work and continue. It's a hurdle today for the bots because they haven't gone up against it yet, but once the bot developers keep seeing these, they just add in whatever else it needed to overcome the hurdle. That's why there are more complicated captchas (i.e., human intelligence tests) now versus the simpler ones from years ago that were easily defeated after putting some thought into it. i.e., it has always just been an arms race. This is nothing new that's going to end the war between site owners and bot developers.

Useful for some applications like spam, but kind of funny that it still has an "I'm not a robot" checkbox if the point is to "let your computer do the work for you".

It's for triggering the demo, you should be able to do it silently like Google recaptcha afaik

Would be interesting to see a 2captcha like client that pays users sats for solving CAPTCHA.

there was for Monero, which mined XMR for solving captcha but after RandomX update its abandoned

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Discussing what is essentially hash cash on a network built on top of Lightning is surreal 👀😅