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Can vouch for https://widgets.twentyuno.net/.

Its a great little widget builder that supports webLN. Very easy to customise and implement!

+1. Just implemented it a few days ago!

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I use my fountain address so it's not directly correlated with my wallet. I send sats there anyway.

You can also use LNBits for this pretty easily. Wrote about it here: https://klabo.blog/lightning/bitcoin/lnbits/2022/05/14/add-tipping-to-your-site-with-LNBits.html

My fellow Bitcoiners, Imma need you to adopt a one click install philosophy.

How do quantitative links like this go to the main page?

There is an algorithm that SN uses to rank posts. It uses a combination of upvotes but also discounts a user's upvotes depending their "trust" rank which is determined from a "web of trust". Posts then "decay" over time, causing them to lose their rank.

So the aim is for the users to upvote good content, and that's hopefully what fills the main page.

The reason this post likely got a lot of upvotes is because it has to do with earning sats. These kinds of posts are very welcomed, here on SN, it appears.

Does that answer your question?

I just wasn't expecting so many people be interested in this 😂😂 Sorry m8, but good for you 😉