Hi guys

I'm wondering if there is any interest in a privacy friendly alternative to the Chivo Wallet.

El Salvador decided to build their own wallet. Understandable because latinos DEMAND usd dlls. They really do. People in Argentina even have a black market for "blue dollars" to skirt restrictions for example.

Again, perfectly understandable. The problem is that it is completely centralized, full kyced and custodial.

I was thinking the Liquid Network would be an ideal candidate to build an alternative Chivo given the native support for assets (stablecoins) and confidential transactions (privacy).

Does this sound like a good idea or nah

What do you guys think

Chivo is not a BTC/LN wallet, is just a gov bank. ES people can use whatever other LN wallet like:

I wrote an article dedicated to people that start now with Bitcoin, as ES people, about how to stash your BTC in three levels.

I am in contact with some ES people and I always tell them: dump the fucking dollar, use ONLY BTC. You have there an enormous opportunity to dump the shit dollar and have your own sovereign money - Bitcoin.


I don't disagree with you. But I do see USD tokens as a gateway drug to Bitcoin.


Continue using USD (shitcoins) in a country that declared BTC as legal tender is idiotic and moronic (omicron). That means you just want to be rekt. Simple as that.


Muun is one of the most friendly, privacy enhanced option since they do some receiver stealth via fake pubkey/channel rotation - out of all the ones I’ve researched so far.

For custodial non kyc, you’ve got a few like the telegram lightning bot, BlueWallet, and wallet of Satoshi.

Liquid is not going to help you if you’re supposed to be accepting bitcoin / lightning, but honestly at this point the law seems very unenforced to the point where people can do whatever they want really. But nobody uses liquid so 🤷‍♂️


My thesis is that a Muun like experience for Liquid could really take off in Latin America given the love for usd down there.