to @koob we must give credit! We all get ten minutes to edit, Bitcoin and love, you have to spread it!

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As a r/bitcoin mod, i cosign this thread. we mods discussed whether to remove links recently, but I pushed for supporting this lightning experiment, so you're in the clear for now.

Wait why are u even discussing that ? Just censorship ? Pushed by who, is still a niche.

we regularly discuss whether certain new trends are shill operations. kraken affiliate spammers twitter follow farming bots etc

we get a lot of bullshit and so weigh each instance to determine if it holds water. for now gets a hall pass for not being too shilly, high signal, and bonus points for lightning experimentation.

I see, makes sense... Thanks for your answer.

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Reddit played it's role in my upbringing, but the ideological noise eventually began outweighing the signal. SN is high signal due to the fantastic incentive structure setup brilliantly by @k00b! You never know, but i do believe that this website is sustainable and generational :)

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SN has better incentives than plebbit for sure. Fantastic site.

IMO the higher quality is also attributable to SN still being a somewhat obscure forum. As SN can only really be found / used by those who are familiar with Lightning, it weeds out a lot of the shitcoinery.

reddit was always shit. I wonder who in the right mind is still there.

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yeah the censorship is really rough

I tried for one month then installed the app and I definitely quitted.

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SN is actually saving me from Reddit which is so so refreshing! Personal improvement is incentivized here. I care more about grammar, sentence structure, and quality of content more than ever before. Reddit’s structure sucks you in, retains attention at all costs, and encourages low quality low thought posting/commenting to gain likes and karma. It’s incredibly toxic yet I still have issues with volume discipline. SN has drastically lowered my desire to be on Reddit at all, it’s nice. Really nice.

The projects longevity is obvious!

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reddit was awesome in the beginning. but the people who made the site left for other endeavors and the people who take over are the type of people who dont know how to create something, much less maintain it. They are just interested in the status of being "administrating it" and they drink alot and do drugs, and are very corrupt.

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Wait, is Reddit still a thing?

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Reddit is unfortunately past its prime. Long live Stacker News!

But hear me out, if tomorrow Reddit launches sats for upvotes and downvotes, then?

Absolutely agree!!!

wen ads on SN? 🤪

I wish that when I navigate back to the main feed, it only shows me items 1-20 when I was reading post number 64.

@k00b lol whoops

Nobody has grabbed the misspelled version yet?

We are so early.

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@k00b you should probably grab it before someone impersonates you lol

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Done. Also took ko0b and k0ob.