I'm a relatively new Bitcoiner - School of 2021.
Deploying my own BTC/LN node.
Increasing my literacy around Bitcoin which enables far more concise, open discussions with the community, friends & family around all the facets of Bitcoin (and money in general).
Through my limited capacity - try to incorporate it into my everyday life. Moved to using fountain instead of Spotify for my daily podcast listening's on the drive to/from work. Read articles via Carrot or Stacker.News etc etc.
This might be taboo to say here but I actively try to earn any "crypto" I can through various means, which I convert to LN Sats to either add to my stack or distribute to people when the opportunity arrives to onboard someone. Its like my own personal speculative attack on crypto lol.
I'm still at the beginning of my Bitcoin journey, but the more I learn and discover - the more I realise that Bitcoin will be my once in a lifetime opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, both on a personal level and for the greater good of humanity.