i am building the stacker.news app during my part time..

You are?

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yeah. i am build ios/android client with react native for stacker news, but it's read-only version. Alrealy finished the most part, will open source soon. Your graphql api is awesome! Very easy to use!

Did you use the mock by any chance?

Hi @nout, I have open sourced the stacker-news app.


Would you like try it and give some feedback? Thanks.

Sorry I haven't had time to check it out. Been a little overloaded even though I'm really excited about it!

When you're ready maybe make a post so you can get feedback from everyone.

Would you have .apk?

Just published a apk, you can download here: https://github.com/kale5195/sn-app/releases/tag/v0.0.1-beta

Pretty cool! It works quite well - I have bunch of small UX suggestions and it is missing little features here and there, but this is a great start. Is there a way to login with lightning?

As @k00b said - I think you should create a post to get some sats and feedback from folks ;)

Thank you! I will create a post after publishing to google play / apple store.. It still need some time. For the suggestions, you can create issues in repo.

For the login part, we don't have api yet. I think @k00b can add it later.

Oh, didn't see that before. Just saw the app benefits you mentioned. Those are very good suggestions!

For the mvp, it's read-only version, I'd like to mimic the web first.

I can open source the code by the end of week, after that you and other developers/designers can join to help..

Hey @k00b, I just invite you to the stacker.news app repo..

If you have some time, could you please take a look at? Then I can make it public

contributing to open design of https://bitcoin.design/

Excellent project ;-)

Working on this Bitcoin marketplace for products, jobs, fundraisers and exchanges: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5334549.0

Also made some Bitcoin infographics and brochure: https://anarkiocrypto.imgbb.com/ and https://twitter.com/linkinparkrulz_/status/1543348394181148672

And some articles about how to acquire, earn and spend KYC-free Bitcoin and build circular economies: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/kyc-free-bitcoin-circular-economies and https://anarkiocrypto.medium.com/how-to-buy-earn-and-spend-kyc-free-bitcoin-and-monero-without-id-or-a-bank-account-496ff20986ff (Also related: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/agorism/)

Personally I work for Bitcoin as a remote web dev since 2016, but still need to exchange it to cash via KYC-free Bitcoin ATMs or cash in person trades, in order to pay for food and rent. Whenever it's possible to pay in Bitcoin, I do it (phone refills, VPS, KYC-free Visa gift cards, Bitcoin-friendly merchants). It would be great to find a local convenience store that accepts Bitcoin...

I started years ago (2014-2016) convincing nocoiners and in special small merchants to start using BTC.

Then I start creating meetups in my local area and talk with many people about (normal people, small merchants).

Then I wrote several guides and 1and1 sessions with random people that need help with bitcoin solutions and apps.

Now I have to fight shitcoiners, are a disease to bitcoin.

Playing on lightning poker then taking the sats I have win (lost) and distribute them here for free

Now THIS is the circular economy i was looking for

I have just won 100 sats with a lucky hand, here is some for you

Building a web based bitcoin pleb citadel there are many ( earncarrot & stacker.news included) .For me this takes partial restructuring of the business plan and social finance platform to run on a Bitcoin standard.

(Transactions, subscriptions, financial education and community pipelines all migrated to Bitcoin conscious community hub. Hopefully with full LN integration)

All the educational material, concept structures are built out or compiled with prototypes ( building the webpage & LNstore right now)

if you guys have any solid LN dev recommendations drop their social medias or post a link from Jobs.

love the thread many great builders out here!

Working on a one click deployment of full node + LN on AWS (CloudFormation) using infrastructure that costs $10 per month.

User configures a few parameters, like tor enabled, rpc password (auto generated option as well) and gets access parameters as a result of CloudFormation deployment.

The point is, that anyone should be able to do it with a few simple steps - this is where CloudFormation magic comes into play.

Sync should be optimized to complete in a few days. Still a work in progress tho.

Really cool initiative!

Whilst its always great to have multiple node options - are you concerned about the potential centralising pressure that cloud-based nodes built on centralised clusters like AWS add to the network?

From the censorship side, I don't think aws really cares. Also, IMO, cloud nodes are necessary for businesses. RPis are just not gonna cut it for any kind of online business handling some real traffic and relying on 99.99% uptime. When we raise merchant adoption, users will follow.

Very insightful. Appreciate the response

is it similar to voltage (https://voltage.cloud/)

well, voltage is custodial, so it's a pretty big difference imo.

damn, super interested in this solution!

Keep me posted!

I'll definitely post it here

basically using it...

i am doing my part by actively using Bitcoin/LN utilities.

many are just hodling bitcoin withouy using it on real world applications.

using bitcoin extensively is the key for mass adoption. few know and working on it.

more utilities on bitcoin brings more users and there by adoption.

I buy my coffee beans using LN https://literoasters.com/


I have a section where i sell cheap tees for only 20k sats w/ free domestic shipping. I don't get too many orders but it's there.

the entire store is priced in Bitcoin and always will be. Uses lightning, built on WordPress and uses the BTC pay server plug in. works like a dream thanks to zero fee routing.

We are working on Chinese Bitcoin podcast named <發現比特幣>, basically means, discovering bitcoin. Feel free to share with your friends and family who understand Chinese. https://fountain.fm/show/pQqWFNgsiqRJct1o9cYL

Run a node and provide liquidity so the network works nicely.

Try to promote it with content creators, as a way to receive tips or sell content. But still feel that we need to work on UX.

I'm a relatively new Bitcoiner - School of 2021.

Deploying my own BTC/LN node.

Increasing my literacy around Bitcoin which enables far more concise, open discussions with the community, friends & family around all the facets of Bitcoin (and money in general).

Through my limited capacity - try to incorporate it into my everyday life. Moved to using fountain instead of Spotify for my daily podcast listening's on the drive to/from work. Read articles via Carrot or Stacker.News etc etc.

This might be taboo to say here but I actively try to earn any "crypto" I can through various means, which I convert to LN Sats to either add to my stack or distribute to people when the opportunity arrives to onboard someone. Its like my own personal speculative attack on crypto lol.

I'm still at the beginning of my Bitcoin journey, but the more I learn and discover - the more I realise that Bitcoin will be my once in a lifetime opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, both on a personal level and for the greater good of humanity.

Educating myself. I run a full node to use with my cold wallet. However, I'm not sure where or how to jump into the lightning network. I'm not a fan of the all-in-one solutions(umbrel, citadel, etc). I run my own servers at home, so I'm happy to run LND in a docker container, but then what? I'd have to fund and manage channels? So I use BlueWallet. But, honestly, the biggest hurdle for me at the moment is vendors. There are no local (I'm in the bay area) shops that take LN. For online only purchases, its just as convenient to make an on-chain transaction...

Like I said educating myself.

I'm building a silent payments prototype (no-fork-necessary)

Track the progress on https://twitter.com/LibreLoya

Well I ask here where people spend their Sats or where you can use Sats and then I tweet all the answers... Unfortunately not big adoption yet.... but will make it!!!

Contributions to Bitcoin Magazine in my free time; not really anything groundbreaking but trying to spread the word when I can.

That is Amazing !!!

I’m working on self-custody aimed at people who are new to bitcoin (as opposed to bitcoin enthusiasts)

I spend a lot of time investigating problems in lnd and other node implementations (especially unexpected force-closed channels) and I raise issues as much as I can. I'd love to contribute more fixes, but that's harder than expected.

Correct misinformation on HN / Reddit...

Created BitcoinMaxiNews.com - where you get all Bitcoin news in one place...

Learning, testing, using apps, there is a long way ahead for all of us to keep learning. The lightning network is going to change the world. Some are experts and others are not. 👊🏼 I want to show every single person I interact with how cool this is.

starting this with 2 other bitcoiners https://twitter.com/terminusbtc

I write comments in stacker news

Делаю скидку в своем интернет магазине. Если климент платит в btc

Каком магазине?

I wanted to reach out and propose an idea that I believe could help increase lightning adoption among our customers. As you know, merchants typically pay 2.9% + 30 cents for credit card usage and have accounted for this in their business model.

What if we kept the pricing the same for merchants, but offered a 2% cashback to customers instantly for using the lightning network? This way, customers would be incentivized to use the lightning network and could potentially save money on fees.

I think this could be a great way to increase adoption and encourage more people to try out the lightning network. What do you think?

I guess I'm making SN and Pleb Lab. I also try to participate in the Austin Bitcoin community and support friendly Bitcoin founders where I can.