Working on a one click deployment of full node + LN on AWS (CloudFormation) using infrastructure that costs $10 per month.

User configures a few parameters, like tor enabled, rpc password (auto generated option as well) and gets access parameters as a result of CloudFormation deployment.

The point is, that anyone should be able to do it with a few simple steps - this is where CloudFormation magic comes into play.

Sync should be optimized to complete in a few days. Still a work in progress tho.

Really cool initiative!

Whilst its always great to have multiple node options - are you concerned about the potential centralising pressure that cloud-based nodes built on centralised clusters like AWS add to the network?

From the censorship side, I don't think aws really cares. Also, IMO, cloud nodes are necessary for businesses. RPis are just not gonna cut it for any kind of online business handling some real traffic and relying on 99.99% uptime. When we raise merchant adoption, users will follow.

Very insightful. Appreciate the response

is it similar to voltage (

well, voltage is custodial, so it's a pretty big difference imo.

damn, super interested in this solution!

Keep me posted!

I'll definitely post it here