Ok. Awesome!

I probably don’t fully understand the project but I want a ‘server less’ lightning only CLN based web store.

Is that what btcmerchant is? And will it merge with LNLink?

yes you could imagine a CLN based store that has web, ios or android apps that all talk to CLN nodes directly. we just need nicer tools for minting runes safely so these apps can't drain your node.

Very exciting! Still don’t really or totally understand it but it all sounds for fucking cool! Shopify without Shopify. Totally intrigued and excited about that!

Do you know if LNLink can be used with Umbrel and the CLN implementation on there yet? Does it have Commando yet?

I recently merged tor support into lnsocket so I want to test that with lnlink.app, I think that's all that would need to be done. and umbrel just needs to update to the latest CLN version once that's released.

Ok. I will keep an eye out for Umbrel updating to the latest CLN release.

Again I don’t really understand this, but I wish we could do this without TOR. TOR seems to be problematic and causes issues.

Would it be possible to use LNLink with a VPN instead of TOR, or do all easy plug n play node implementations like Umbrel, Citadel etc use TOR for CLN?

if you can configure Umbrel to use your home IP instead of tor you can just use that directly. you would just have to port forward that port on your router and make sure you have a static ip or dyndns setup.