I'm going to record sometime tonight or tomorrow morning my podcast and need good listener questions. Please post some here! (Honestly, the quality here is better than twitter)

I'll answer on the podcast and give your username credit.

  • Is Bitcoin ever going to have really solid privacy features? Which ones are your favorite?
    • My thinking: Here I wonder if it was a really smart "trick" by Satoshi to first not include strong privacy features, so Bitcoin would not be immediately banned by all governments. As soon as large portion of policy makers are using Bitcoin, then they won't have an incentive to ban Bitcoin even when it turns more private.
  • How long is it going to take for at least half of the transactions in a block to have Taproot?
  • LNRUL or BOLT12? Is the LNURL requirement to run a clearnet server going to kill decentralization?
  • What do we need to start building now, before hyperbitcoinization happens? What is the best case and worst case scenario for hyperbitcoinization?

what do you think about square's re-brand to block? if you were in charge of the company, what bitcoin product or service would you build?


How do the new scripting capabilities enabled by taproot compare to smart contracts in Ethereum? What functionality in Ethereum smart contracts might be better delivered using Bitcoin tapscript because of bitcoins better money characteristics?


what would you like to see built into Bitcoin core?

what would a transition to a quantum safe encryption algorithm look like? Is a soft fork possible? How would the community manage it?


Answering this with the long form answer could be fun: https://stacker.news/items/5497

The AMA might be a source for some, although you'd be kind of re-answering, but a lot of your listeners probably missed it: https://stacker.news/items/4928

A few questions that might be fun to answer (pick and choose what you want):

  1. Favorite movie?
  2. Which parts of Bitcoin core do you find yourself drawn to technically? e.g. I find myself mostly interested in P2P and the mempool stuff. If I had to guess your favorite is scripting?
  3. Under what conditions would you support a hard fork?
  4. Is there a story to the cowboy hat?
  5. Favorite early day Bitcoin insider story most of us haven't heard?
  6. Any plans to write a book on Lightning?
  7. Thoughts on Bitcoin City?

Lets say Bitcoin is a Zebra and Fiat is a Horse. If you paint the horse the way a zebra looks. The horse will look like a zebra - but still be a horse?

When will governments start to print money just to buy more BTC?


Some shitcoins use hashing algos that are ASIC resistant. I assume this is to level the playing field for the benefit of home miners in an effort to keep their mining industry more decentralized. Is this a concept that would benefit Bitcoin? Why or why not?


Do you think the combination of a hard money foundation and elastic currency options may be better than either alone?


Why not separate out the wallet support code from Bitcoin Core by default (instead of the other way) since most people are running other wallet clients anyway and it unnecessarily increases the attack surface?

Why not stronger encouragement of Tor/I2P by default to avoid painting a target on newcoiners backs?


What will a deflationary economy look like? (Debt, quality of products, level of self-sufficiency of households, consumerism).


What ratio of VPN:s are honeypots, decreasing privacy?