Future Plans: We aim to transform Storm.pub into a Nostr Client, allowing users to watch videos, comment, and zap on the Nostr network, eliminating reliance on centralized platforms that censor content.
  1. is NOT a LN version of youtube. It just forcing youtube users to register their videos on this platform. So it REQUIRE youtube, not replacing it.
  2. Right now I do not need to register a video in order to receive sats. On Youtube you just have to add a LN address in the video description and you can pays with sats directly using Alby extension without any other tool., with just 1 click.
  3. If you really want an advanced "pay per view" video platform, better use https://lightning.video or https://zap.stream
WE NEED TO REPLACE YOUTUBE, not keep using with tools on top of it. Also now YT is forcing viewers to login in order to see videos. No more anonymous views. Fuck YT.
Excellent observations! :)