Free Open Source Urbanism...

Not as free as not paying anything for it but by knowing openly and a-priori about the project; so for it seems bitcoin is reaching the point were is going to work with geographies and populations. Must surely is doing it by now with institutions, contractual and professional firms and with an incredible fast pace no less.

What I argue is that this hasty time preference is translated to goods and services often delivering poorly user experiences as might be the case for example, on what happened with ch1b0wallet.

I see wildly two ways of bitcoin polis happening:
  1. El Zonte case where institution born from within; either by local bitcoin enthusiasts or by the arrive and habitation of what I like to call bitcoin mendicants to place.

  2. The Bitcoin City case where basically we see the legacy institution institutionalizing its own view of The bitcoin place.

I concede for both of the cases that:
  1. El Zonte formula can't work alike within any other place just like that so for every place might as well be considered as individuals; however I would argue there are in every place a mute language that can/is translated to these other places by culture and tradition.

  2. El Bitcoin City formula still is the way used to acquire objective form for the bigger whole of the population to reflect on; saying it with other words: recklessy might as well be causal of any stage of whatever fulfillment bitcoin gives to an any given project/projection and for that reason might not be of much worry to trying to mitigate it at all but to palliate this or that subject of discussion.

The view I offer for both cases are that for:
  1. El Zonte's path alike towards the integration of bitcoin to a given habitat might be better accomplished by experiencing the place -being pre bitcoin place- this would be by bitcoiners dwelling, working; or hardly put: making a bitcoin living in place.

  2. Go for it Bitcoin City; and try not to get rekt. Offers to this kind of entrepreneurshipments might just be the manual ones: take good care of sidewalks and crosswalks. Have in mind that most of people just want to hang and grill in peace. Please consider all kind of Things that motions.

What I would like to see for both points (whiling to help):
  1. Particularly for El Zonte and La Libertad: the use of local materials; to drop steel, concrete, and go back to bajareques, quinchos and adobes. And for those any other places on its own way to integrate bitcoin to the habitat: help local merchants to go lightning; invite your pleb friends from other locations to pass a couple seasons in own's place -do workshops, talks, meetings- and work. Work a lot and take care of yourself and your place.

  2. To help current existing cities and places to being A bitcoin place; instead of going figuring a new archetype of a city by introducing the bitcoin city.


Based on tradition here the potato in form of pambazo:

Exploring the poles of Bitcoin localism is helpful but what's likely to emerge is a spectrum of approaches. I suspect, as with most things, centralized approaches will fail on long time scales, and decentralized approaches will succeed but slow and painfully. In the short to medium term, we'll probably see hybrid approaches.


I like to seeing it as bitcoin scaling its way towards sociability. What I fear as the hard way of doing it might be -talking since experience- the most violent places... before violence there are aggressiveness; and the latter could be perceived since the mere way places are build and thus 'habituated' -or dwell-


I argue urbanism is much about walking; and I'm learning is also about speaking with people. So for there are moments when places and talking collides trough bitcoin as a way to palliate problems -recognized as bitcoin worthy to fix- and doing that on places where violence is even not that explicit per se can put in serious trouble to said bitcoin entrepreneurs but harming lastly and mostly innocent people within said place that is usually also the ones who needs bitcoin the most.