26 exchanges support Lightning as well, with Kraken, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp being among the most prominent. Robinhood also recently announced an integration for 20M+ users, and P2P marketplace Paxful offers support for its 7M+ users. Users of these exchanges can instantly and inexpensively deposit and withdraw bitcoin to and from any Lightning wallet, increasing the speed and lowering the cost compared to a typical BTC transaction.
This article should not be construed as an indication that Coinbase has imminent plans to add support for Lightning. Rather, a few employees at the company simply found its potential compelling enough to research, write, and share.
Haha ... what a bunch of tools over there at coinbase.
2022 and Coinbase itself doesn't yet have LN deposit and withdraw support yet but their blog posts has to credit 26 competing exchanges.
Coinbase has little incentive to use lightning, let them fall behind to others at their own peril.
Coinbase is beholden to tbeir shareholders. The need to generate fiat revenues, sonthey will prioritize shitcoining
Not anymore, just look at their numbers, they need money wherever they can get it.