We revamped the upvote/tipping UI partially.

We have a new upvote button and it works the same but changes its look based on how much you've tipped (huge ups to @kr for this design). How it works:

  1. an upvote gives you a half filled bolt
  2. the bolt fills fully after you've given the OP 10 sats
  3. the bolt then changes color, the more you tip
    • as you tip more the bolt's color follows the rainbow: orange -> yellow -> green -> blue -> purple
    • the color is determined by taking the log base 100,000 of the amount of sats you've given the OP, i.e. the bolt changes color a lot more at lower tip amounts and if you give the OP ~100,000 sats your bolt will finally be purple.
  4. Your own posts don't display the bolt next to them because you can't interact with them anyway. Plus, it gives you some visual indication of where your posts are.

That's pretty much it. I have another update I'll deploy in a couple days that will also alter the UX slightly and give the user some instruction around how tipping works.

Other updates: top and recent are now their own buttons in the navbar (thanks to both @kr and @nout for suggesting this), small adjustment to spacing of posts in the feed, the price no longer displays cents, and if you don't want to view the price you can tap the price to eventually get 1sat=1sat.


@k00b It does not work on a recent stable Google Chrome for Android. 96.0.4664.45

When bolt is clicked second time, no input appears as it does in Linux (Google Chrome but desktop).

Thanks for reporting!

If you press and hold for ~1 second does it pop up?

Yes, it does. Thanks.

I hope to see purple someday :)

Navbar: What’s the other number next to my handle mean? Example: let’s say it says 38 \ 211. I have 38 sats, but what does the 211 implicate?

It's how much you've stacked/earned since joining the site.

Bigger font pls :) Or i dont know what it is but this site seems hard on the eyes other than that i dig it :) Keep up the good work

Do you have a dark theme? In both mobile and desktop browser you can increase the font size, e.g. hit Command+"PLUS" ;)

I'll work on it!

Set the default tip to 1 sat. It was somewhat confusing wondering why 21 when clicking a second time.

Sane defaults it's a way better UX than telling the user to configure stuff before they use it and do math in their had of how much sats should they tip by default. Plus the whole feeling guilty about choosing a smaller number than 21.

Just set 1 as the standard and let your users have fun maniacally clicking away.

That’s the plan! Going to allow advanced users to still set a higher tip though

Nah, leave it at 100k. Keep it super rare.

So rare that literally only one post in the whole database has 100k.

Keep 100k but at least use sparkly diamond animation.

One post for now ... you can actually make it purple-ish at around 50k but it doesn't go electric purple until 100k.

100,000 is a very high bar.

IMO a lower it down to 1k or 10k.


Love it!