Preaching to the choir to farm sats, is see :)

Shitcoins made me entertain the dangerous and stupid idea that I can be free of having to work for a living. I was constantly hoping that one day, maybe tomorrow, maybe the next bull run, would be that day, or perhaps this shitcoin or that other shiny one would be my vehicle for financial โ€œfreedom.โ€

I see now that this is not a way to live in the long term. It's been a massive tax on my ability to use my mind for more productive and rational activities. It turned me into a slave of shitcoin promoters, in the same way, social media enslave us by highjacking our valuable time. (I always say that had social media existed in the early 2000s, I'd never had the time and sustained attention required to learn to swim or read classics.)

I'm sharing all this here, not for seeking attention, preaching to the choir, and farming easy sats, but mainly for myself first. Being able to recognise these issues within me and articulate them helps me process and heal at a more profound level so that it'll be, hopefully, almost impossible to make the same mistakes again!

Now, tip me. ๐Ÿ˜…

I did. Good job sharing your story of humility.