"And what if science were able to explain away the flow of time? Perhaps we would no longer fret about the future or grieve for the past. Worries about death might become as irrelevant as worries about birth. Expectation and nostalgia might cease to be part of human vocabulary. Above all, the sense of urgency that attaches to so much of human activity might evaporate. No longer would we be slaves to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's entreaty to “act, act in the living present,” for the past, present and future would literally be things of the past."
This can only happen if we have physical understanding of time (like movie Arrival). But I don't think it's possible, could be more like a religion thing - if you think your destiny is defined or if you are going to valhala, maybe you stop worrying about time, but otherwise I don't see how people will just not think about it.
"If we subscribe to the notion of block time, each year comprises a lower percentage of the total amount of our lifespan. In other ways, each year represents a thinner block of time. That’s why we lament its increasingly transcendental existence."
Could you elaborate on this one - how block theory makes it that the older you get the thinner is the block? As I understand from the article, the block is just the representation that the time is also 3d dimension where we move across