I was gonna comment something like that.
I forgot where I read it, but indeed, seems like children have more clicks in a minute than an adult has. The number of clicks decreases with age where a click is like a moment of consciousness. Our consciousness coming from chemical reactions is discrete rather than continuous, and so the reason we feel like time goes faster as we age is simply because these reactions are less frequent and we thus perceive less clicks.
This is from memory, and I'm by no means an expert in terms like consciousness, so forgive me if I'm not using the right of approved terminology~~
That's interesting. It makes sense. Kids can't have an auto-pilot yet because they don't know anything, so they have to update consciously more often. As we grow, more an more can be delegated to the auto-pilot and updates are less frequent because are less needed. This fits with the idea that keeping yourself learning and out of the comfort zone helps to keep a grip on time.
analogy: truth (true reality) is an infinitely high frequency, a straight line rather than a sinusoid. whenever our sinusoidal perception intersects with the straight line of reality, we are conscious. other times we deviate from perception of truth and we become unconscious.
bad forces lower our frequency of perception. good forces increase our frequency of perception. [claims that there is not such thing as good and bad are false. this is a religion of solipsism.]
the goal is to spend more time in the true reality, by increasing the frequency of our perception with at least the 5 primary senses, to start. children generally operate at a higher frequency of perception.