Previously edit didn't give you the ability to add everything you might've when creating things. Now you can edit:

  • boost (by adding more)
  • user to forward sats to
  • add images and links
  • add additional poll choices

If there are costs associated with the edits you also get receipts similar to the ones you get when posting/commenting.


  1. Polls now also allow for up to 10 choices.
  2. You can browse recent comments but there isn't a link anywhere to that yet. I just selfishly wanted to see where active discussions are going on.

There are a few other small fixes in the release but nothing worth mentioning.

127 sats \ 0 replies \ @ken 19 Aug is a great invention Make great posts and receive a pension Add images and links to gain attention Bitcoin will take you to the ninth dimension

Awesome stuff. Hope there in an app somewhere in in your plans 🀞🏾🀞🏾🀞🏾

This an awesome UX improvement! Thanks @k00b!

Thanks @koob! SN has a high signal/noise ratio!

lol you

lol oops, sorry @k00b!

who's @koob xD