Maybe it's my silicon valley area bubble but it seems FTX was spending so much money on marketing but everyone I know defaulted to coinbase as the exchange to use/recommend.

Pretty amusing that people recently unearthed SBF's long thread from 2021 diligently critiquing coinbase's financials:

It would, so we would need zero-knowledge proof from some oracle that confirms that data provider is trustworthy without revealing actual data owner.

Wouldn't this get gamed though (by botmakers, to earn revenue), making the data less valuable to the buyer?

I intentionally deleted my Reddit account a couple years ago for a number of reasons, including how old posts would be "archived" after six months and thus no further comment replies could be left for updates, how me including certain words or URLs would cause my post (or my comment reply) to be shadow banned, and other such authoritarian measures -- all that just turned me off.

But I still used to monitor r/Bitcoin (as a guest/not logged in) to keep informed. No longer, ... SN has completely supplanted any remaining use case for r/Bitcoin, IMO.

I was shunned by mods for saying that Celsius is a scam a year before it collapsed, bunch of paid shills spammed me with reports and mods took the bite. Since then I don't respect that platform nor do i use it

Omg, that's awesome.

investigators may have detected real plotting, drunken fantasizing, or both

So, just like the alleged plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan. But it turned out the people arrested were drinking buddies, and the kidnapping plot was planned and encouraged by people working for the FBI.

For any totalitarian state to survive, it is critical to keep the citizenry in constant fear by exaggerating and fabricating threats.

Yeah, it's a good question, we have a similar problem with Donate4.Fun. May be you should require more tasks to be done - like post a question, answer something, etc.

we covered it back in march on thriller

a lot more details on the project at that time

also michael did an ama on sn awhile back

It's an arbitrary amount, and we are happy to process any withdrawal. One thing we are still trying to figure out, is how to get people spending the free sats in the network to help get things going... vs just signing up, doing a couple easy things and then withdrawing sats. But then, if you deposit SATS, you should be able to freely withdraw them. Work to do...

Thanks for the explanation. No big deal. During this bear market I don't check the price much anyway. I'll probably shorten my username as we approach ATH again!

Oh, we have some logic that says if your username is 6 characters or longer, hide the price on mobile sized screens. I can tune this to be less discriminating if your screen size can support it.

The ONLY good part of this FTX shit show is that many celebrity clowns got scammed too, and for big numbers

Very comprehensive list. No one was left off.

Hola Julian, I don't see a place to review Bitcoin product and services marketplace... like:

This will definitely will help to increase Bitcoin adoption

Can you open one? Thank you very much.

Lol, this is what happens when authoritarian leftist take over a site. Reddit died years ago

You're not addressing the main point here.

Congrats to Lightsats and every other project! Really high quality entries for this one, which isn't a surprise given the gracious awards by Fulgur and others, and since it was 6 weeks.

Was super fun, but also really intense hacking for that long. Very thankful for the hosts and judges. And for Voltage / TBC for supporting the development of Mutiny during this. And for Pleb Lab / Bitcoin Commons for allowing us a space to hack till 2am on many nights. Very grateful to come in 2nd for global adoption and as an overall runner up. Can't wait to keep hacking on this with our amazing team and get it production ready!