You can now sort comments: hot (default), recent, and top. It can use some refining but it works. The recent sort I wanted in particular for @JV's AMA tomorrow. Thanks to @jack for also recommending comment sorting on gh.

bug fixes

  • better dupe url protection (many users reported but thanks to @nout for putting it in a gh issue)
  • logout redirection errors (thanks to @sgornick for reporting on gh)
  • quite a few other smaller ones


  • I'll probably spend the next few days working on a daily discussion thread mechanism
    • It'll require a proper job queue which I've been too lazy to do until now ... but this will be necessary for search indexing anyhow
  • Probably search following Christmas. I'm going to use Elastic Search. It works well even if it's an operational nightmare
    • ... or I might work on refining the ranking algorithm. I would really prefer to use Bitcoin to do something super different and superior for ranking than existing sites, but it might suffice for awhile to just do what existing sites do
regarding search, maybe you can think of a clever way to avoid duplicate URLs being shared?
or like bundle all of the posts together so that everyone can see all the times that this one url was shared? that way people can read older discussions
it avoids the inevitable hacker news top comment of “here’s links to all previous discussions” lol
You mean you want this within search or within a displayed post?
search just made me think of indexing shared links in general. I would imagine that you’d want a higher level grouping for each URL. Because one URL could be shared 20 times because of product updates etc.
In fact, maybe you want to group based on domain and then under that, paths, and under that posts here. Just an idea haha
That’s a neat idea!
i like stacker news. this is my last free comment.
Thanks for sorting out