I heard about Nostr on Bitcoin Audible. I think it's like an alternative twitter, but there's more than that. I haven't gone very deep down this rabbit hole, but it's a protocol.

I started using:


I created a private/public key pair. You don't need to run a server, give anyone an email, create a password or anything.

You can also search for users and rooms at


I created Blogging Bitcoin, but there is also a Bitcoin room among others

Here are some interesting features:

No ads No bans No shadow bans You get an actual historical feed. LN bits integration.

Check it out!


I've tried anigma and few of the other clients. I'm really intrigued by how grassroots the whole thing is and really curious about how we invent ways to scale with it.

ya its def catching a wave rn

What are some of the other clients you've tried? I'm using anigma and installed nostr_console, but I haven't had time to use it much.

Very interesting, I’ll take a look. I’ve heard about this a few times too but haven’t had a chance to take a look. So much good stuff being built these days. One of the silver linings of this clown world.

No shadow bans is what I need/want the most. I follow thousands of people on Twitter and the same 50 users show in my feed. I have to search my friends on Facebook to see their posts instead of what FB though police allow me to see.

Nostr is looking promising.

Don't be anti-semitic bro.

Are you accusing, Mark Zuckerberg, a jew of being the thought police?

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As far as I can tell @TommyAllArk_io reacts often to posts/comments that he doesn't like by replying to all the person's posts either calling them anti-semitic or rapist or similar and making wordplays including the word "jew".

Did I get it right, or is that not correct?

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I really want to get away from social media platforms because I read a book by Jaron Lanier and watched the Social Dillema.


The Social Dilemma was good but after the past couple of years, I realize that social media giants and tech companies have all been deputized and function as an extension of government thought surveillance/policing in the same way that KYC is financial surveillance.

Nostr seems to be gaining traction as a protocol rather than a platform.

Should be a pinned post.

Smart man 👍🏻

Yeah there's a beta iOS app too called Damus, I've played with the astral.ninja instance, too it's fun to play around with that's for sure. I'm there at: 27da3f032e0fea007947b0da12f1183630c5a2da79d7202b96f35f16ef6ce48e if anyone wants to add me, but I don't post much.

Correction. I heard about it on Citadel Dispatch, not Bitcoin Audible.


I still don't get it.

Don’t forget DAMUS