Do you recall the massive disinformation campaign against Bitcoin a few weeks ago, paid by Ripple? It seams like GreenpeaceUS took the bribe without the blessing of head office.

For those who have told me you are unsubscribing from @Greenpeace - (21 so far) please do not.

Here's why.

I have researched the twitter accounts of @Greenpeace, Greenpeace UK, Greenpeace EU and Greenpeace AU

None of them have ever commented on #Bitcoin. I have come to the conclusion that @greenpeaceusa (who are getting absolutely ratio'd at the moment) were not behaving with the blessing of head office in taking a $5M bribe from Ripple's CEO to publish disinformation about Bitcoin. As an analyst I did some calculations. I reckon @Greenpeace worldwide lost >$15M in subs (+those who've written them out of their will) over the @greenpeaceusa disinformation campaign

They'll have lost more than this in brand rep

Other branches of Greenpeace don't deserve this I've been in the environmental movement for decades. Never seen an environmental NGO be so criticised.

Keep it objective. Truth is on Bitcoin's side, so no need to do otherwise. They're good people with good values. They've just make a mistake

Keep it clean. Invite dialog

the fud they spread is their own choice and the videos are still up, if they want a different reaction they need to choose a different path

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This makes me think of Black Lives Matter which pretends to be about peace and justice, but the people at the top are just buying mansions and living lavishly with the donations they get. Its basically a scam.

As was the MAGA QAnon movement. Grift has no political party.

Lots of doomsday grift in BTC circles too.

Not gonna lie i liked the MAGA movement and Trump. But there was some shady fundraising near the end to "Stop the steal".

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They prolonged human suffering trough their anti bitcoin propaganda. They choose this path, now they can get rekt. Bitcoin will fix more than they will ever be able to. I'll never forget what they did.

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If they'd care about the environment and humanity they should have embraced bitcoin, not the opposite. They are the enemy.

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Sorry, Greenpeace are a net negative for human flourishing regardless of their Bitcoin stance. Probably the most significant driver of anti nuclear sentiment, and generally expounding the philosophy that energy use is bad regardless of human benefits.

The specific Twitter accounts they use to market anti-Bitcoin propaganda is a trivial consideration.

I hope every solar maxi bitcoiner loses their keys

"Yeah you caught us there, so we punished the culprits, anyway sorry about that and It won't happen again. So, we are cool right?" I wonder how many other bribes they have taken, that they have not been caught about.

Do not trust, verify. But this case verifying might be a challenge itself.

We'll forgive them when they apologize. Until then they are actively attacking Bitcoin and therefore must pay.

Why isn't Ripple getting more heat for doing this as well?

Because that's expected behavior from known scammers. No one is surprised and frankly, not much people outside of our circle really know or care to know who or what ripple is.

Greenpeace however has a reputation and if you stop 10 people in the street, chances are 10 know what Greenpeace is, and more than 5 have a positive outlook of them. That's why the heat is going mostly towards Greenpeace. <-- Shows the thread in a single, easy-to-read, web page

Head Office needs to ring them up and tell them to cut it out then.